CBT.Interpretations - Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Training in Galway
   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT)
        Mindfulness Training in Galway.

Do you have feelings of not being able to cope.... feel STRESSED, ....and ANXIOUS..... sometimes feel  DEPRESSED  ..Sad or Low Mood......
Maybe you have difficulty in dealing with feelings of ANGER, ..........or perhaps life's circumstances have become overwhelming,.... .......and your CONFIDENCE  and .....Self- Esteem have  been undermined.

We all experience similar moods and emotions at various times in our lives. However sometimes moods and emotions such as anxiety, stress, sadness or depression and anger, can be a block to our happiness and fulfillment. If so Cognitive Behavior Therapy, C.B.T.
an evidenced based, and  time limited approach, can provide you with tools to manage these moods and  emotions, and reduce their negative influence on your life.

An oyster creates a pearl out of a grain of  sand .The grain of sand is an irritant to the oyster. In response to the discomfort, the oyster creates a smooth, protective coating that encases the sand and provides relief .The result is a beautiful pearl.( Greenberger and Padesky 1995)

Just as an oyster develops from the seed of an irritant something new and valuable, CBT will help you develop skills from your current problem, skills that will be valuable throughout your life. So by understanding the interaction between your thoughts, behaviors, emotions and physiology, you can begin to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors.

Professional CBT Training with  Aron T Beck .

Martin Delaney, of C.B.T. Interpretations (1st on right back row)
Pictured at a professional C.B.T.training  program  with  Dr. Aron T. Beck, the founder of C.B.T.  and  Dr. Judith Beck at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia USA.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is one of the few forms of
psychotherapy that has been scientifically tested and found to be effective in hundreds of clinical trials for many different disorders.....cognitive therapy is usually more focused on the present, more time limited, and more problem-solving orientated. In addition, clients learn specific skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. These skills involve identifying distorted thinking, modifying beliefs, relating to others in different ways, and changing behaviors. (Judith Beck 2011) 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT)
 Has been found helpful for:












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